Venice Wedding

Real weddings in Venice. A selection of the most stylish and romantic Venice weddings by Romeo and Juliet's, Venice wedding planner.

A Venice wedding; Venice, the city of magic, the city of wonder. The most extraordinary architectonical masterpiece of the mankind is also the most romantic and fairy setting for a destination wedding in Italy

This website tells some of the wedding stories that, Romeo and Juliet - Venice wedding planner, designed in this unique jewel mounted on the water; a journey in words, images and emotions trying to catch the essence of a wedding in Venice.

A journey in the Venice colors, with its local and unique nuances; as the pale green of the lagoon which spreads vague reflections of porcelain in the pink-white plaster on the silent houses that limit the canals, or the magenta tint of its funnel-shaped chimneys, or that certain chocolate of some chimneys's fondachi (warehouses) or squeri ("dry docks"); or as the scarlet gleam of the geraniums on the pure white balconies or on the white Istrian marble columns. With the colors of his painting that could only be created in Venice, the colors of Giorgione that shook the imaginary painting all over Europe with the flash of lightning between the evolving blue clouds of the storm, Giovanni Bellini, Titian, Tintoretto Veronese and Canaletto and so many other..
Art Treasures dispersed and now held in major museums around the world from the Accademia Gallery in Venice to the National Gallery in London; from the Museum of Hermitage in St Petersburg to the Metropolitan Museum in New York

A journey in the Venice music, the flattering beautiful, the half fairy-tale city; in its atmosphere, the art grew lush and suggested to the musicians melodies that cradle voluptuous sleep (Thomas Mann); not only the precious music of the Venetian polychoral compositions of the sixteenth century that gave birth to the so-called Venetian School or to the genius of the Baroque Vivaldi's Four Seasons. But also Venice with its thousand voices, voices of a conversational musicality of life that rings in the echos of its calle;with the sigh of the gondolas that move sinuously through the channels and the happy lapping of the water that is intertwined with the myriad of Venice alleyways. If I had to find a word that replaces music I could only think of Venice (Friedrich Nietzsche).

A naturally a journey in stunning Venice weddings; a reportage from the most beautiful Venetian settings for an unforgettable wedding photo shooting; a glance at the many historical palaces open for civil ceremonies from the tiny Palazzo Cavalli on the Grand Canal, a stone's throw from Rialto bridge, to the Council Hall of Ca' Loredan and the most recent wedding hall of Palazzo Ca' Vendramin Calergi; the luxury Venice Casino!
The most dramatic Churches and Chapels which make a religious wedding in Venice (Protestant, Catholic, Ortodox..) a touching and indescribable experience.
Wonderful memories marked by romantic images able to capture not only the stunning Venetian wedding reception venues (the splendid private palaces, the luxury and boutique hotels, the hidden gardens, the majestic halls) but also the style, the attention to details, the accurate and refined décor which make each Romeo and Juliet's, wedding planner Venice, event, a wonderful and stress-free experience.

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